A Clever Way for Wedding Planners to Surprise + Delight Clients (and Become Their Go-To Planner!)

Add Value by Supporting Clients in the Most Significant Part of Their Ceremony: Their Vows

Imagine this: a couple just booked with you. How wonderful! Now the fun begins as you immerse the couple in your client journey. It’s a good feeling, right?  We know your client experience is  already delightful, and today we have a clever addition to the process that makes you even more valuable to your clients:

We know you’re constantly looking for ways to make yourself stand out from the sea of planners entering the market, so today we have a idea that will support your clients in the most meaningful way and make you absolutely indispensable.

By helping couples write their own vows.

If you’re not sure how you can assist couples with this intimate part of the wedding, then read on, because your unique perspective might be more handy in this area than you think (and we have a way to make your support just as beautiful as it is helpful!).

How Wedding Planners
Can Inspire Custom Wedding Vows

Wedding planners, you are the captains of the ship in the wedding planning process. It may be a couple’s first time at this, but it’s certainly not yours. And wedding planners have told us again and again that couples turn to them for advice about vows, or might even forget that vows are part of the process.

If you’re like the planners we know, you got into this business because you have color coded system for your color coding, get swept up in lovely details….and because you find meaning in supporting couples as they launch into life together.

But we’ve noticed that many couples get swept up in those colorful, ethereal details a little too much, and don’t have a spare moment to think about their marriage, much less about beyond the getaway car.

That’s where you come in.

As their planner, you’re creating opportunities for a couple to be creative as they translate lifelong dreams into reality. And you have the chance to help a couple import meaning into that creativity through their wedding vows, the heart of the wedding ceremony.

Ways to Facilitate the Vow Writing Process:

1- Put It in the Timeline

We know that you have a solid to-do checklist for every month of the wedding process. It’s been vetted through the years, and seamlessly gets a couple from “I will” to “I do”.

However, we also know that couples are likely to save vow writing until the last minute– because it intimidates them. Help them stay on track by working vow writing into their planning timeline. They should start writing at least 2 months in advance, and finish 2 weeks in advance.

2- Help your clients get a head start by providing them with writing prompts.

We’ve curated some of our favorite prompts:

3- Plan a “Date Night” for Them

Schedule “date nights” on their calendar. We know your clients are busy, so help them make it a priority. Use this time to encourage them to talk through their prompts, decide on the formatting of their vows, and connect with each other away from the details of wedding planning.

Keep the Aesthetic On-point
with Our Custom-made Vow Books

No more fumbling for a notecard (or worse…pulling out a phone!). Our vow books keep your creative design intact, and enhance, instead of distract from it. With twelve color palettes to choose from, the colors will seamlessly match your meticulously planned aesthetic.

Our Vow Books: A Gift That’s Helpful
& Lovely (and Easy on You!)

Gift giving is an essential part of your customer experience, but we know you have a lot on your plate… the last thing you need is to add “wrap presents” to your already full to-do list.

So that’s why we’ve packaged our vow books beautifully, making “give a gift” the easiest task to cross off your list.

Beyond being easy for you, every package we deliver is a delightful experience to open, full of thoughtful details for the couple to discover.

We believe that gifts should reflect the values of the giver and the receiver, so when you’re helping clients write custom vows, our vow books are a delightful + easy way to help them document the most meaningful part of their wedding.

We invite you to browse our collection and see for yourself the stunning way in which you can add to their day and elevate your presence in the market through simplified gift giving.

And if you are unsure of which style or theme to choose, then our beautiful gift cards also provide for an easy gifting experience with a stunning presentation to delight your clients.

There is nothing more sacred during a couple’s wedding day than this moment and we are here to help up you tell their story, all while positioning yourself as an indispensable part of their wedding day.

To meaningful connections,

Founder, The Art of Etiquette


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