Wedding Photographers: Become your Client’s Favorite Vendor with These Tips


Create an Excellent
Client Experience by Inspiring
Custom Wedding Vows

Photographers, you get a special role in the couple’s wedding. You take heirloom quality photos they’ll have for generations and get to spend quality one-on-one time with the couple in their intimate moments. And you’re constantly focused on creating a great client experience.

In fact…your photos and the wedding vows are the only two things that are going to last far beyond the wedding day. Even those nice registry gifts won’t last forever. But the vows and photos? Timeless.

So, how can you use your time with the couple to add value to the client’s experience?
By supporting them as they write their custom vows.

Your key touch points with the couple are also essential moments for talking about marriage, not just the wedding ceremony. Here’s how you can infuse insights about their vows into these moments.

The Engagement Session

How wonderful that you get to spend a couple of hours with a couple before their wedding day! Everyone is relaxed, the pressure is off, and they get to dress up and cuddle. What can be better?

Use this time to chat with the couple about their story. Ask them how they met, about significant moments in their dating relationship, about friends in the wedding party that have supported them along the way.

Also, if you don’t feel like an ‘expert’ in this…you probably know a LOT more than you think. You witness wedding vows nearly every weekend (in fact, we’re sure there are a lot of ‘Dos and Donts’ we could learn from you!). You are the wedding expert, and sharing your knowledge will be so valuable to any couples. In fact,  you can help by sending them links to prompts (we’ve even written some for you!)

Use the Shot List to Talk About Symbolism and Meaning

When planning the shot list with the couple, you certainly talk about items that are meaningful to the couple. We love seeing heirloom jewelry, love notes, and gifts between the couple as part of the wedding photography.

Use this conversation to talk about what is most meaningful to document on their day. The deeper question here is why these items are important to them. What do they symbolize, and why do they want them to be part of the ceremony + photos? What meaning do these items have that inspire their vows? Is it a great-grandmother’s ring that’s a symbol of 50+ years of devoted marriage? A love note that sparked their relationship? Or maybe it’s four generations of family all together, highlighting the importance of family and legacy.

Whatever is meaningful to the couple to photograph is likely to be something meaningful to what they want their marriage to be.

During this conversation, be a mirror for them. Reflect back what you hear them say about each other, and what you witness during their sessions. You have valuable insight, and the couple will be better for hearing it.

Make Your Client Gift One
that is Infused with Meaning
(and Bonus! It Ensures Beautifully Styled Photos)

If you’re giving a client gift, make it one that facilItates meaningful connection. Our vow books are designed to be a lovely, tangible manifestation of a couple’s commitment.

And we know you’re busy, so we’ve done everything to make gifting easy for you.

Our vow books come beautifully packaged so that it’s an experience to even open the box. We include instructions + tips for using the books, eliminating the “what do I do with this?” moment.

And…having one of our custom vow books on hand helps make for amazing photos. There’s nothing worse than a beautifully styled wedding….then the groom pulls out a crumpled piece of paper, right?


Pulling out a phone for reading wedding vows is a new trend, and we don’t like it. What if someone texts the groom? What if he gets a spam call and it messes up his concentration? There are just too many ways it can go wrong. Plus, of course, a phone or crinkled paper just doesn’t make for lovely photos. So that’s why we just love the aesthetic bonus our vow books provide on the wedding day, especially the fact that they can be customized with color and calligraphy to match the decor.

Our Vow Books: A Gift That’s Helpful
& Lovely (and Easy on You!)

Gift giving is an essential part of your customer experience, but we know you have a lot on your plate… the last thing you need is to add “wrap presents” to your already full to-do list.

So that’s why we’ve packaged our vow books beautifully, making “give a gift” the easiest task to cross off your list.

Beyond being easy for you, every package we deliver is a delightful experience to open, full of thoughtful details for the couple to discover.

We believe that gifts should reflect the values of the giver and the receiver, so when you’re helping clients write custom vows, our vow books are a delightful + easy way to help them document the most meaningful part of their wedding.

We invite you to browse our collection and see for yourself the stunning way in which you can add to their day and elevate your presence in the market through simplified gift giving.

And if you are unsure of which style or theme to choose, then our beautiful gift cards also provide for an easy gifting experience with a stunning presentation to delight your clients.

There is nothing more sacred during a couple’s wedding day than this moment and we are here to help up you tell their story, all while positioning yourself as an indispensable part of their wedding day.

The Gift That Keeps You Top of Mind: Creating an Excellent Wedding Photographer Client Experience

So you might be thinking, “Great. But what about all my past clients??”

Help them celebrate their ‘paper anniversary’!

If your client is a newlywed who hasn’t celebrated their first anniversary, take advantage of the first year gifting tradition of paper to give them a book infused with meaning. In doing this you’ll stay top of mind so that when maternity, baby shower, and newborn photos roll around, you’ll be their first call.

We’d love to know…how do you find ways to add value to your clients? What do you do to stay top of mind even after the wedding?


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