The Notion of Etiquette

Our Philosophy

The word “etiquette” is often associated with the way it manifests in the world – how to correctly set a table for a formal affair, properly address a wedding invitation or time thank-you notes. The premise of The Art of Etiquette goes far deeper than simply codes of behavior displayed as the guiding force behind actions.

At its core, etiquette symbolizes the thoughtful consideration someone has for those they value, recognizing them through intentional details and acts of kindness. When someone is truly seen, connections become deeper, richer and more meaningful.

The Art of Etiquette specializes in creating meaningful connections with and for those you love. Our vow books are handcrafted, with every detail meticulously designed for your special day. They and serve as special keepsakes to be read on your first anniversary and those that follow, allowing you to recount all that you are and will become together.

Show   how   much   you   care.   Create   a   timeless   and   dreamily   beautiful     token of your love.