New Year. New Look. New Focus.

After much reflection, more prototypes then I wish to count and a fresh new look, The Art of Etiquette has been re-launched with meticulously handcrafted, personalized memory keepsakes that truly transcend across the years. And while our brand and offering has evolved, what has remained unwavering throughout all the dreaming and ideation is the notion of “etiquette” and how that reveals itself in all we do.

The word “etiquette” is often associated with the way it manifests in the world – how to correctly set a table for a formal affair, properly address a wedding invitation or time thank-you notes. The premise of The Art of Etiquette goes far deeper than simply codes of behavior displayed as the guiding force behind actions.

At its core, etiquette symbolizes the thoughtful consideration someone has for those they value, recognizing them through intentional details and acts of kindness. When someone is truly seen, connections become deeper, richer and more meaningful. The Art of Etiquette specializes in creating meaningful connections with and for those you love.

Today, we launch our first collection to help you form these meaningful connections with those you love at the initial “I do” or as an anniversary keepsake. We invite you to shop our VOW BOOK COLLECTION birthed from a very pressing need I faced when my husband and I were getting married a few years ago.

As our wedding day approached and all the “big”, and seemingly most important, items were checked off the list – we reached the “write vows” line in our wedding planner. Zac and I wanted our words to capture who we were but knew we’d be too nervous to memorize all we wanted to say. I struggled to find an elegant way to share our vows that fit the theme of our wedding and enhanced the moment without drawing attention away from us as we read them. It was during my first bookmaking classes that I came up with an inspired solution: a mini bound book, in the style of our wedding, to hold our vows. The resulting books fit nicely in our hands and now serve as s beautiful reminder and keepsake of the commitments and connections we made to one another. We hope you’ll feel the same as you explore the collection and let us be a part of letting your story unfold.

And last but not least, I would like to extend my deep appreciation and gratitude to my trusted advisors along this leg of my journey.

  • A few years ago, at Stationery Academy (now Society of Creative Founders), I had the great pleasure of meeting Stephanie Studer of LifeCreated. Her amazing photography is seen throughout the site and I am truly grateful for her beautiful use of natural light and style to bring AofE’s products to life.
  • Lauren Fair Photography continues to grace the site with their stunning location photography and headshots.
  • The exquisite work of Chantelle Hoffmann of Bespoke Strokes Calligraphy is sheer perfection and the perfect finishing touch to capturing your heart felt sentiments.
  • Ashley and her talented team at Ashley & Malone have spent months with me as we reinvigorated the brand and created an incredible new site to support and grow the business for many years to come.

Thank you to all for your guidance, patience and support along the way to bring the little details to life in a big way.