Behind the Name: The Art of Etiquette

Names carry so much meaning, don’t they? It’s part of what makes a wedding so special: the opportunity for a new name to go with your new identity. Sometimes that includes a new legal name, sometimes it’s simply a title we carry, such as “husband” or “wife”. Names carry symbolism, identity, and serve as our introduction into the world.

So today, I want to explore the meaning behind the name The Art of Etiquette. I recognize that, on the surface, this name doesn’t literally describe what we offer. And that’s because the notion of etiquette is about so much more than manners and protocol. It’s about showing care and consideration for those you love.

“Etiquette symbolizes the thoughtful
consideration someone has for those they value,
recognizing them through intentional details
and acts of kindness.”


The Art of Etiquette is the physical manifestation of being seen and showing another that they are valued. It’s about deliberate acts that show those you care that you love them.

Part of what makes a wedding so special is the fleeting nature of the event itself— even though it represents lasting change. And despite the permanence a wedding leaves in its wake, so few details of the event survive until even the next day. Flowers fade, food is eaten, a small bit of cake goes into the freezer, and the dress takes special work and expense to preserve.

What truly remains after a wedding is the transformation in our lives. And vows are at the core of this.

So that’s where vow books come in.

After a wedding day, vow books serve as special keepsakes to be read on your first anniversary and all those that follow, reminding you of the profound commitment you make to each other every day.

While a marriage is the daily physical manifestation of the vows, the vow books are a symbol of this commitment. They are a handcrafted token abundant with meticulously designed details that help you continue to celebrate your relationship. They are a physical reminder of moments and promises we cannot touch.


When my own wedding was nearing, I was eager to have a lovely handcrafted token to be the physical home of our wedding vows.  So I created my own. The vow books I designed became a tangible symbol of our commitment to each other, and have served as a meaningful reminder many times in our marriage. And this reminder gives the gift of lasting connection, making our marriage stronger and more intimate.

Thoughtful consideration, in this and many other ways, gives our loved ones an experience of being seen, and when someone is truly seen, connections become deeper, richer and more meaningful. At the core, that’s what we hope for more than anything. To facilitate meaningful connections with and for those you love. That’s the art of etiquette.

Now, we invite you to document your story. The Art of Etiquette offers 2 collections – and no surprise the collection names are selected intentionally and rich with meaning. Beulah, our perfect-style bound books, means married in Hebrew. Vivian, our Japanese-style bound books, means full of life.

Which one will you cherish for decades to come?

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